John Holmes

June 29th, 2010


Wonderland – In His Own Words:


The authors of A Life Measured in Inches were granted access to John Holmes’ personal tape cassette recordings when compiling their biography.  A portion of these tapes were used to help reconstruct the chain of events, including Holmes’ perspective, of the robbery of notorious L.A. mobster Ed Nash, and eventual retaliation deaths of four people residing at 8763 Wonderland Avenue.  This sequence of events followed by Holmes’ run from the law and his subsequent murder trial comprises over a hundred pages of the book.

In these rare audioclips (links below) excerpted from tape cassette recordings that were made during the years following his release from contempt of court in November 1982, Holmes describes details of the robbery that resulted in the infamous “Wonderland” murders on July 1st, 1981. 

These unique recordings have recently been uploaded to you tube, courtesy of Ms. Laurie Holmes and John Holmes Enterprises.  Please visit the Official John Holmes website at:

Note: John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches includes extensive material from the authentic cassette tapes that is not available on the you tube audioclips.

John Holmes \”Wonderland\” Part One

John Holmes \”Wonderland\” Part Two

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John Holmes