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August 5th, 2013

The Rialto Report: Interview with Legendary Filmmaker, Bob Chinn

During the past several months, adult film documentarian, Ashley West, has interviewed several legendary personalities from the Golden Era and through his extraordinary podcasts titled The Rialto Report, has presented their fascinating life stories. West’s credentials in this field are nothing short of impressive. In conjuction with The Rialto Report, Ashley has also contributed liner notes, commentaries and more for the re-release of Distripix films under the name Benson Hurst and is currently working on a documentary about the origins of the New York adult film scene. (See: Ashley West.)

Rhonda Jo Petty in Disco Lady directed by Bob Chinn
Until recently, West’s comprehensive episodes have centered on men and women involved in sex films on the east coast of the United States. Yesterday, Rialto Report’s latest offering highlights the voluminous work of pioneer filmmaker Bob Chinn, who became familiar to adult audiences through his partnership with John Holmes particularly via the innovative and highly popular Johnny Wadd film series, with nine releases spanning between 1971-1978. This podcast will be of special interest to fans not only of Bob Chinn, John Holmes, and the films they created together, but most significantly, in his usual disarming manner, Bob discusses in great detail and with impeccable recall many of  thetalented actors and actresses he had the pleasure to direct throughout his extensive career spanning four decades. Several of the ladies who were fortunate enough to cross paths with Bob (one of the most admired and respected men in the business) are featured in Golden Goddesses. All were quick to sing his praises and respect him very much. Check out Bob Chinn’s page for his first novel, Flesh of the Lotus, inspired by the film by the same name: Flesh of the Lotus

Bob Chinn’s Jade Pussycat with John Holmes and Georgina Spelvin

I am delighted to have been invited by Ashley West to co-present this special two hour episode as Bob Chinn is clearly one of the most intelligent and intriguing individuals to have left his mark in the golden age arena, and I’d like to personally thank Ashley for doing a masterful job in preparation for this show. Your tireless work and professionalism are simply outstanding. So grab a refreshment, kick back and enjoy the ride as you time travel with Bob Chinn back to the late 1960s and into the present day. You definitely will not be disappointed. The podcast (#18) titled, Bob Chinn, West Coast Pioneer may be accessed here: Rialto Report: Bob Chinn

November 20th, 2011

Mr. Skin Interview

Mr. Skin Interview: “Inches” Second Edition and “Golden Goddesses the-senators-daughter

Mr. Skin talks to author Jill C. Nelson about the new expanded edition of John Holmes’ Biography and her forthcoming book project, “Golden Goddesses” here: Mr. Skin

Nelson’s next book is due late fall of 2012 and will feature 25 Legendary Women of the Golden Era of Erotic Cinema

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