John Holmes

August 1st, 2010


Inches Filmography & Reference Guide

winning-strokes The two authors of A Life Measured in Inches viewed and reviewed a significant selection of John Holmes’ vast loop and film work that is unrivaled today by any adult star. In addition to being the definitive biography on the adult film world’s biggest icon, the book’s 21 page filmography has widely been credited as an excellent reference guide.  Holmes is one of the very few actors to have worked over three decades, performing in all facets of adult entertainment including: nude modeling, nudist shorts, black and white loops, mail order, simulated sex, erotic layouts, softcore and hardcore feature movies shot on film and video.

china-cat-2 He is the first actor to have portrayed a recurring character in an adult series (spanning almost 10 years) as private detective Johnny Wadd.  John Holmes is the very first X-Rated performer to have been inducted in the XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) Hall of Fame in 1985, and he is the professions’ first international star.  Due to continued interest in Holmes’ legend and male superstar status, a substantial portion of Holmes’ film library has been carefully restored, digitalized and transferred from the masters, making some of his work available for purveyers for the first time. 

The best selection of John Holmes early loops and feature films, reviewed by Sugar and Nelson for their biography, can now be immediately accessed and enjoyed through VOD at: John 



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John Holmes