John Holmes

March 13th, 2011

John Holmes: 1944-1988

PrisonerofParadise.jpg.w300h200 Today, March 13th, marks the official passing of John Curtis Holmes.  John’s death is actually March 12th, 1988, but because the coroner didn’t arrive until the 13th, it is the 13th of March that has always been on record. 

When John and Bob Chinn travelled to the beautiful tropical Hawaiian island of Kauai in 1980 for a working vacation, they filmed scenes for two films: Prisoner of Paradise (1980) and Waikiki Wadd, a Hawaiian inspired Johnny Wadd adventure that was never completed.  Chinn has said that John immediately fell in love with the charm of the island and its tranquil calm as he had not visited Kauai before.  Bob had spent many of his childhood years on Kauai and felt it would be an optimum locale for some R&R after he and John finished filming two movies back to back in San Francisco.  Chinn noted that during their two week vacation, John became disinterested in cocaine and instead, revelled in the work by taking care of the production details and cutting paths in the thicket with his machete.  John had also enjoyed his lazy social time on the island and met up with some German tourists.  While standing together on the beach watching the sunset one evening, John told Bob that if he ever disappeared, he could be found on the island of Kauai.  In 2007, Bob revisited the same beach where he and John had walked, and remarked about it during his closing reflective comments in A Life Measured in Inches in the final chapter Remembering John.  “I did manage to go to that beach where John and I had stood those many years ago.  It was twilight and against the beautiful Kauai sunset, I recalled those past times and I thought, ‘Well John, I’m here — so where are you?’  As I turned to leave, a gust of wind blew unexpectedly, sending a sudden chill up my spine, but the breeze slowly died down and everything was quiet again, except the sound of the waves breaking in the distance before they rolled in and washed up on the shore.” – Bob Chinn 

Kauai is known to hold great spiritual power and is a place of enlightenment.  The native Hawaiians believe that certain points on the beach: the Anahola and the Polihale, are symbolic portals for birth, and for departure.  Perhaps Chinn did indeed sense John’s restless spirit stir that day in 2007 while he stood listening to the reasonating sound of the tides.  ~ RIP John

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John Holmes