John Holmes

March 25th, 2010

The Playboy Advisor Interview & More

John Playboy Radio Interview Audiofile

The Playboy Advisor and Senior Editor of Playboy Magazine, Chip Rowe, interviewed A Life Measured in Inches co-biographer, Jill C. Nelson, on Wednesday March 24th at 1:00pm Eastern (10:00am PST).  Nelson spoke about the biography’s content, including the Wonderland murders, the book’s filmography section and also, her writing partnership with the book’s originator, Jennifer Sugar.  Please visit our new audiofile page to listen to The Playboy Advisor interview segment in its entirety.  The Playboy Advisor can be located at Sirius/XM Satellite Ch. 99.  (Please also view The Daily Advisor article for more details.)  Chip Rowe will review A Life Measured in Inches for his online column.  


Snowman’s Podcast Interview

In January 2009, co-writers, Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson attended their first Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.  The two authors (accompanied by John Holmes’ widow, Ms. Laurie Holmes) participated in several interviews during the four day event, in addition to making a special appearance at the Erotic Heritage Museum for a presentation and book signing.  Adult industry writer, Mike (Snowman @ from San Francisco, pre-arranged an author interview while at AEE and this past weekend, the thirty minute audio podcast with Jill C. Nelson was posted. 

Snowman inquired about the intricacies of Nelson’s unique collaboration with her writing partner and book originator, Jennifer Sugar, and about the extensive research involved in compiling the definitive biography on Holmes that also contains an authentic filmography with feature film and loops reviews.  Nelson addressed several questions including how Holmes might perceive the adult industry today.  She also explained how director Julia St. Vincent’s acclaimed 1981 documentary on John Holmes (titled “Exhausted”) influenced the evolution of the 1997 award-winning film, “Boogie Nights”, and subsequent projects about the adult film icon.

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