John Holmes

February 4th, 2011

The Legend

The King - ”When he made love, he made history.” - William Margold

“I’m nervous every time I do it.  It’s not something you get accustomed to.  It never gets like driving a taxi or working in a Sears lawnmower assembly line.  It’s nothing like that.  There’s always that kind of excitement, you know.  That chance of danger.” 

Never give a fan a bad time.  If I’m just dining by myself or with two or three friends, and somebody comes up and asks for an autograph, then I give them an autograph.  I always date it — might be worth something to someone some day.  Never give a fan a bad time, and never be shocked by anything anyone says — ever.”  John Holmes – John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches.

The photos that appear on this page depict various stages and co-stars throughout John Holmes’ career that spanned from 1964-1986.  All pictures and personal items that appear in the book have been used with permission.  Additional pictures will be periodically added to the gallery.  “Inches” includes images not shown on this page.

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John Holmes