John Holmes

September 17th, 2010

Eros Magazine – 1977

The following excerpts are from an exclusive Q&A interview John Holmes did with Harry Michaels for Eros magazine. Published in December 1977, the piece aptly illustrates John’s tendency to embellish and entertain. Portions of this Q&A were extracted for A Life Measured in Inches. 


Cocksure: Interview with John Holmes – EROS Magazine December 1977

John C. Holmes, known to porn buffs throughout the world as Johnny Wadd, the man with the foot-long cock, has (by his own admission) laid more than 10,000 women in an action-packed lifetime since he was born in Ohio.

As one of the most celebrated names in erotic films, he lives a life that very few guys even dare to dream about: traveling all over the world making films, servicing famous celebrities and getting paid for it, sky diving and scuba diving between sexual adventures. Amazingly unaffected by the fame and the notoriety of his free-wheeling, jet-age lifestyle, he recently sat down for the exclusive interview with EROS magazine.

EROS: Do you think you would be in the business of erotic film making, if you had an ordinary cock?

Holmes: I don’t know. I’ve never given it much thought. I suppose a big cock is 90% of it. Things happened, I suppose, because of the big cock.

EROS: At least it opened doors for you.

Holmes: Right. So, I’ve become a better actor, because it’s gotten me more parts. It’s given me more experience.

EROS: Have you ever met anyone who couldn’t take your cock?

Holmes: One girl about six months ago. She was very tiny. She kept saying, “Listen, I’m really tiny. I’ve only been to bed with a couple of guys.” So I said, “Yah, yah, yah, okay.” Because I’ve done it with over 10,000 women. And I’ve never not been able to do it. She was the first. She really was too small.

EROS: Was this a personal situation or a film situation?

Holmes: A movie. We worked for two hours trying to get it together — and we couldn’t.

EROS: How do you think all the public sex you have affects your attitudes toward your personal sex life?

Holmes: They’re very different entirely. Personal sex is something completely different. That isn’t just a physical thing — it’s a physical and mental pleasure. And the other is just work.


EROS: Do you find that having so much professional sex cuts down on the frequency of your personal sex?

Holmes: No, I usually have three or four climaxes a day.

EROS: Do you do anything diet-wise to…

Holmes: No, nothing. I eat good food. That’s about it. And I run. I jog five miles a day.

EROS: What about your alcohol consumption?

Holmes: I do not touch alcohol.

EROS: When were you born?

Holmes: When? Oh, I’ll just give you my birthday, how old I am. I’m a Leo. A triple Leo.

EROS: So — power is very important to you?

Holmes: Oh no, not at all. I’ve learned to cope with that. Really, I have. I’m ego-less — almost.

EROS: Isn’t it difficult in your business to be ego-less?

Holmes: I don’t like to be flashy. ‘Cause if you’re flashy and you flash big cars and jewelry, it’s constantly on your mind, you know? You’re putting on a show.

EROS: What kind of a car do you drive?

Holmes: I drive a van. I like them. I love them. You can do anything in ‘em.

EROS: How old did you say you were?

Holmes: Nineteen (laughs)…. Getting older every day.

EROS: How did you get started in the erotic film business?

Holmes: I was an ambulance attendant, ambulance driver. I washed cars, washed dishes. Let me tell you. I did all this shit. Man. And I had a next door neighbour who was a topless dancer, really cute, and one day she said, “How would you like to make a $100?” And I said, “Who do I have to kill? — of course!” She said, “Well, it’s a stag movie.” And I thought, “Well, what if I want to run for government some day…” The chances are so nil, that I said, “Forget it, okay, I’d love to.” And we got it together. They had to talk me into it for a while — but I did do one, and they liked it.

EROS: Did you have any problems the first day?

Holmes: Oh, no, no, no. Sex is my favorite pastime.

EROS: How did your career evolve after doing that first loop?

Holmes: Oh, Jeez. We’d fight court battles… They got to the point where they took the guy’s underwear off and kept his back to the camera. Well, they got busted again and another three month court battle. And it was found [to be] not obscene, so they went one step further. All this happened. It’s hard to believe, but every time they would go one step further, and get busted on it.

EROS: What years are you talking about?

Holmes: Sixty four — sixty five. A very rough time.

EROS: What is your most recent film?

Holmes: Well, we did Eruption, Jade Pussycat, and a remake of Casanova. And of course, Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here.

Eros: Do you have a favorite film?

Holmes: The most current ones are the best, I think.

Eros: Any particular reason why?

Holmes: They’re really well done.  There’s a little bit more acting in them than there was in the earlier films. And we shot Eruption entirely on location in Hawaii. And Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here was shot in Mexico.

Eros: Let’s talk about the women you’ve worked with in films. Any in particular that you liked working with?


Holmes: Linda MacDowell, Rene Bond, Lesllie Bovee, Sandy Dempsey, Sandy Carey, Georgina Spelvin.

Eros: Are you a night person, a day person? How do you spend your free time? What is a typical day like when you’re not working?

Holmes: I don’t have a set schedule because of all the filming. Day shoots, night shoots. You have to be at the beach at dawn or in the mountains at night. It’s a constant change of hours. Really hectic.

Eros: What do you like to do with your spare time?

Holmes: Scuba dive. Sky dive.

Eros: What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

Holmes: When I’m in love with someone. That’s the ultimate test of sex, and I don’t share when I’m in love. See, I’m an orgy hound. I go to orgies, to swinging parties. There’s one I go to particularly out here, up in the Hollywood Hills. I go up there a lot. But, when I’m in love, I don’t go up there. I’m with the person I like to be with, and I don’t like to share. I don’t like to have to talk to people. I just want to be with the person I’m with. That’s the best sex. When you’re in love.

EROS: What are your plans for the future? Do you have any sort of lifetime plan or goal?

Holmes: No, just writing scripts.

EROS: You’re interested in writing?

Holmes: Oh yes, I’ve written short stories…

EROS: Do you ever allow yourself to think about what will happen after you stop being a sex symbol, after you stop making films?

Holmes: I don’t even think of myself as a sex symbol. Really, I’m two different people…. It doesn’t occur to me what I do for a living, I’m just me. So, when I get old and it doesn’t work anymore, I’ll start functioning in another capacity. I’m very adaptable…

EROS: Have you ever found that you frequently come into contact with celebrities?

Holmes: Constantly. Yeah, constantly… You run into them, and they say, “I saw you in your latest film. You were very good.” And then I say, “I saw you in your latest film, and you were better.” (laughs) And we go out and have a drink together — sometimes you go to bed with them, and sometimes you don’t.

EROS: But then, in some circles you are considered a celebrity.

Holmes: I suppose. People write me letters. I get really embarrassed. I can’t believe some of the things people write and ask about: “Do you like to give head?” “How big is your cock?” “Will you draw a tracing of your cock on a piece of paper?”

EROS: Do you find your life exciting?


Holmes:  These things are just common to me — it’s just things I do each every day. I really don’t have an ego about these god-damned things. The fact that they’re celebrities doesn’t mean anything. To everybody else, they may be celebrities, but to me they’re just people with hemmorhoids, people who have pimples, people who have bad menstral cramps — they’re just people. The fact that I’ve gone to bed with over 10,000 women — to me that doesn’t mean anything. To me, that’s just a job. What really counts to me is the four or five women that I’ve really been truly in love with and involved with. That’s the only thing that counts — and relaxing, and being myself, and enjoying myself.

John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches © 2008 Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson. All Rights Reserved.
John Holmes