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August 29th, 2010

Past Events

Chicago Exxxstacy Show – July 16th-18th jill-and-ginger-lynn
The Exxxstacy Show 2010 in Rosemont, Chicago, from July 16th-18th, was a tremendous success for John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches.  Prior to the convention, Jennifer Sugar had returned from a vacation in Chicago to her home in Michigan and wasn’t able to attend, but together with her co-author, she pre-signed several copies of the book during her stay at Nelson’s home just a week prior to the convention.  All signed copies were almost sold out at the show.

Many inquisitive and wonderful people stopped by the booth during the three day convention to chat and pick up an autographed copy of the bio.  Jill Nelson was also an invited guest on Christy Canyon’s Sirius Satellite Playboy radio broadcast, live from the Donald E. Stephen’s Centre.  (Two summers ago, Sugar, Laurie Holmes and Nelson were Christy Canyon and Vanessa Blue’s special guests on Playboy Radio’s ‘Nightcalls’ during ‘Legends’ week, on the eve of their book launch in Hollywood, California.)  Also in attendance at the Chicago event was one of the most prestigious stars of the Golden Age, Ginger Lynn Allen.  Nelson was pleased to meet the beautiful Ms. Allen, as she had interviewed her during the winter for a forthcoming book project profiling the women of the Golden Age of erotic films.

Filmmaker, Valerie Gobos, interviewed Nelson on-camera for an upcoming documentary on the legendary, late Ms. Marilyn Chambers – Nelson and Sugar had conducted one of the final interviews with Chambers for their biography two years prior to her untimely death in 2009. 

Jill and Jennifer would like to personally thank everyone who came out and stopped by their booth during the show. 
Canadian Events
Chapters Book Store – Ancaster, Ontario
The Chapters Book Event on Saturday February 13th in Ancaster, Ontario was an occasion that marked the 5th Canadian appearance by Inches co-author, Jill C. Nelson. Copies of the bio were signed by the biographer during the session from 1-4 pm as patrons entered a draw to win two free copies of the book. The Ancaster event was especially unique because of the diverse age range of people familiar with John Holmes’ legend. In particular, Nelson was impressed by the knowledge and sensitivity displayed by a young Hamilton art student who had become captured by Holmes’ complex life story after seeing the film Boogie Nights a few years ago. (Please feel free to share your thoughts after completing the book, Steven.) The next Chapters event in Southern Ontario will be in the spring of 2010.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chapters Book Store Oakville, Ontario – 01/10

Southern Ontario author, Jill C. Nelson, participated in an in-house event at Chapters Book store in Oakville on Saturday January 23rd, from noon to 3:00pm.  Nelson chatted with patrons while promoting and signing copies of her first book, John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches.  A draw was held for two free copies of the bio.  Nelson was honoured to be invited to join Chapters Oakville’s Monthly Book Club as a resident author.

Chapters Book Store Mississauga, Ontario –  11/09 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jill Nelson appeared at Chapters Book Store in Mississauga, Ontario, on Saturday November 28th to discuss A Life Measured in Inches, with intrigued store patrons who posed for photos with the author.  Nelson also had an opportunity to chat with a special visitor to the location.  For more information, please click on link below. 

Book Signing:  Biography – John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches 
Chapter’s Ottawa (on Rideau) had the honor of hosting the second Canadian appearance of co-author Jill C. Nelson’s new book entitled: John Holmes – A Life Measured in Inches.

At an impressive 584 pages, “Inches” contains three photo sections (including rare nudes), 114 feature film reviews and 86 loops synopses, all viewed and written by the two authors.

“Inches” has been on the publisher’s best seller list (U.S. & Canada) for 2009 and may be obtained on and, as well as Chapter’s on Rideau.  SNAP

Chapters Book Event - Burlington, Ontario

Chapters Book Store Burlington, Ontario – 04/09
This exclusive engagement was hosted by Chapters-Indigo Book Store in Burlington, Ontario Canada, on April 18th 2009.  Jill Nelson, presented John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches prior to engaging in a Q&A and signing copies of the book.  The book’s originator and Nelson’s co-author, Jennifer Sugar, was unable to attend, yet her presence was felt as Nelson read a short note written by Sugar that explained her inspiration for commencing to write the first and definitive book about the adult film legend five years ago.  Covered by TV Cogeco, the event was followed by a wine and cheese reception.

2009AEE.JPG.w300h225 U.S. Events

Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) – 2009 

Co-authors Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson attended Adult Entertainment Expo Show 2009 at the Protecting Adult Welfare (PAW) booth, hosted by William Margold. The convention was a tremendous success for the two first time authors who were available throughout the entire event to meet with attendees, sign copies of their biography and take book orders. Special guest, Ms. Laurie Holmes, joined Sugar and Nelson to reminisce with Golden Age fans and participate in various interviews with the biographers. 

Adult Industry News item:


Erotic Heritage Musuem – 01/09
Inches co-authors, Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson were invited by special request to do present and sign copies of A Life Measured in Inches at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas on Saturday January 10th, from 4-6 pm. Porn’s renaissance man, William Margold, read the book’s foreward before turning things over to Ms. Laurie Holmes who introduced Sugar and Nelson to the guests. The biographers read excerpts from their book, followed by a Q&A session, including participation from Mr. Margold and Ms. Holmes. Afterwards, Sugar, Nelson and Holmes greeted fans and posed for photos.

Select copies of A Life Measured in Inches (signed by all three women) are available for purchase in the gift shop at the Erotic Heritage Museum.


A Look Behind the Lens of the Life of Pop-Culture Icon John Holmes
November 3rd, 2008. 
Schulers Books & Music  Meet MSU alumnus Jennifer Sugar and Jill Nelson (of Canada), co-authors of the definitive biography of John Holmes, the undisputed King of the adult film industry, whose devastating downward spiral contributed to one of the most gruesome, unsolved, multiple-murders in Hollywood history. The grave consequences of his cocaine addiction, his association with the Wonderland murders, and his AIDS-related death made him an infamous figure in pop culture. Now John Holmes: A Life Measured In Inches looks beyond the stigmas and rumors to reveal the man behind the myth, and the cultural implications of the birth of the adult film industry.

Schulers Books

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